Redistricting commission: “We’ve reached a fair and equitable balance”

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The Washington State Redistricting Commission is announcing Congressional district plans now — live on TVW. Commissioner Tim Ceis said the map represents a “fair and equitable balance.” 

The new district — the 10th — is centered around Olympia and Shelton and contains part of Pierce County. The plan also includes a district where the majority of residents belong to a racial minority.

Go here to see the full plan. They took public comment from two people and then took a break until 12:30.

Get all the redistricting info here

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Yesterday, the Washington State Redistricting Commission met to unveil four redistricting maps. I’ll post the video as soon as it’s available. In the meantime, you can view all the plans right here.

The big headline of the day? The possibility of a minority majority district. Here‘s a great story by Jordan Schrader of The News Tribune and Brad Shannon of The Olympian.

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This Week’s TVW Coverage: Revenue Forecast, Redistricting Maps, More…

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A new and possibly budget-busting state revenue forecast and plans to carve out new state congressional and legislative district boundaries highlight TVW’s coverage for this week.  Both those events, and others, will be shown live on TVW and live on the web at — check TVW’s air schedule here.

We’ll also have live coverage of two legislative hearings, Senate Ways & Means on Monday, and a joint House hearing on Tuesday, both looking at K-12 school issues.  The State Supreme Court’s fall docket kicks off Thursday, TVW will carry three of the four cases live.

We’ll be at Seattle CityClub Tuesday covering a conversation with new UW President Michael Young, and at The Olympian Editorial Board Wednesday recording pro-con interviews on I-1163, the in-home care initiative.  On Saturday we’ll be in Port Angeles for the ceremony that begins the removal of the Elwha River Dams, and at the Seattle U Law School for a conference on civics education and the law.  All these events will be recorded and televised this week and/or next.

On The Impact tonight: Prison guard death investigation & redistricting

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theimpact_cropped150Tune into The Impact tonight at 7:00 pm on TVW to watch the eight-minute, unedited interview with Corrections Secretary Eldon Vail about the circumstances surrounding the murder of Corrections Officer Jayme Biendl. I ask about prison budget cuts, safety concerns, and monitoring of repeat sex offenders. There are also new memorial funds set up in honor of Officer Biendl.

Here’s how to contribute to the funds set up by the Department of Corrections:

To support Officer Biendl’s family: donate at any Key Bank location under the name “Jayme Biendl Memorial Fund.”

For costs related to memorial service: donate at any Union Bank, formerly known as Frontier Bank, under the name “In memory of Jayme Biendl.”  Any remaining funds will be given to the family.

Here’s how to contribute to a fund set up by her union:

For funeral expenses and Officer Biendl’s family:  donate at any Bank of America branch under the name “Jayme Biendl Benevolent Fund.”

In the second half of the show, we take a closer look at Washington’s unique redistricting commission system, responsible for creating new political boundaries.  One of the commissioners gives me his initial impressions of where a new 10th Congressional District could be drawn up.

Don’t miss The Impact Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm & 10:00 pm on TVW.