Emmert’s out, Priest is running for mayor

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- Rep. Skip Priest has announced he’s running to be Federal Way’s first elected mayor. Read the whole story here.

- Mark Emmert, the UW president who spent time in Olympia lobbying for fewer cuts and more tuition-setting authority, announced he’s leaving to head the NCAA. Read all about it here.

- Meanwhile, the mayor of South Prairie — a small town in Pierce County — has announced she’s running for the House seat Rep. Dan Roach is leaving. That story is here.

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Meet the most famous former Wahkiakum County clerk candidate on July 2 in Olympia

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Secretary of State Sam Reed is hosting a talk on July 2 (also the day initiative signatures are due) by political activist (and former Wahkiakum County Clerk candidate … and Nirvana bassist) Krist Novaselic.

Novaselic — who put his name in the hat for Wahkiakum County clerk this year, then announced on Friday that his candidacy was only a statement against the top two primary — will be in the Columbia Room on the first floor of the Legislative Building, from noon to 1 p.m. on July 2 for a brown bag lunch.

The event is free and public. Arrive early for front-row seats.

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Read about Washington state politics in the Economist

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I was surprised to open last week’s edition of The Economist to find this story, which begins with the line: “We in Washington state ‘get our business done.’” (The quote is from Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown.)

The article focuses on how politically moderate this state is and attributes it to the voting system. It’s an interesting perspective — an international magazine’s take on Washington’s politics compared to our neighbor states.

Update: And here’s a blog post by the folks in the Secretary of State’s Office (their blog, From Our Corner, is a must-read) on the same article.

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