Florida judge rules federal healthcare unconstitutional in lawsuit McKenna joined

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A judge in Florida has ruled the federal healthcare reform legislation to be unconstitutional — this is the case that Attorney General Rob McKenna joined last year with two dozen other states.

The District Court judge issued a nearly 80 page ruling. The law is also being challenged in other courts, and it may be on the way to the Supreme Court.

See what McKenna and Gregoire have to say after the jump. (more…)

Watch the UW Law School discussion on federal healthcare reform — and whether its constitutional — here

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I blogged about this yesterday, but there was a lot of good material that is best conveyed through the video. If you’re remotely interested in the lawsuit filed by Attorney General Rob McKenna and a dozen others over healthcare, you should watch.

Want to know more about the lawsuit over federal healthcare reform? Hear McKenna here

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Here’s tomorrow night’s edition of Inside Olympia — taped this morning. Host Austin Jenkins interviewed Attorney General Rob McKenna — who is one of a dozen attorneys general suing the federal government over healthcare reform — and Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler, who supports federal reform.