Good job on the census, Washington

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Washington sent in 74 percent of its Census forms — meaning one in four households will get a personal visit from the Census crew.

Of course, the whole point of the Census is to count how many people there are. And it’s difficult to figure out the percentage of people who have returned their forms if you don’t know how many households there are. But: The figure represents the number of U.S. households “believed to be occupied.” They’ll do a check — and release a final mail return rate — in the fall.

Tomorrow at 10 a.m., regional Census director Ralph Lee will detail how he plans to visit the remaining households to count Washington’s citizens.

Washington’s mail-in participation is good, but not the best: “States with the highest mail participation rates include: Wisconsin (81 percent), Minnesota (80 percent), Iowa (78 percent) and Indiana (78 percent).”

The cities here with the highest participation are Beaux Arts Village and Normandy Parks, each with an 86 percent return rate. That beats the pants off Hinsdale County, Colorado’s 19 percent return rate.

For an interactive map of return rates across the nation, go here.

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Today’s census day — but you have until April 23 to send it in

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Fill out your census form today — but you don’t have to send it in until April 23.

What? “Unlike Tax Day or Election Day, Census Day is not an absolute deadline.”

Today is the reference day: How old are you as of today, how many people are living in the home as of today, etc.

The rest of the info is after the jump. (more…)

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