Two state lawmakers join support of same-sex marriage

By | January 19, 2012 | 0 Comments

Today, two lawmakers from different ends of the political spectrum made statements announcing that they will vote in favor of same-sex marriage in Washington.

Sen. Jim Kastama held a press conference today in which he said he will vote in support of same-sex marriage, and that he believes this legislation should pass without a ballot amendment. He said with the struggles of the economy and government, marriage can provide a “true safety net.”

“In 2012, I believe we have reached the point where society is ready to recognize and support same-sex couples who seek the bonds, benefits and security of marriage. They too, deserve this ‘safety net.’”

Kastama said this was a hard decision to make, saying that “Unlike some of my colleagues in liberal districts, I will not return home to cheers and handshakes.

He said if the legislature is able to address this difficult issue, there will be no excuse for tackling other challenges.

Rep. Glenn Anderson also issued a statement announcing his support for gay marriage. In a lengthy statement, Anderson says that he thinks same-sex marriage meets the federal constitution test for equal protection and that he will vote in favor of the same-sex marriage bill in the House.

He uses three criteria to evaluate same-sex marriage:

  1. The historical purpose of civil marriage
  2. The historical religious doctrines on traditional marriage
  3. The federal judicial record for determining equal protection under the law in the 14th Amendment the U.S. Constitution

Anderson said the distinction between civil and religious marriage has been long settled, and that “civil same-sex marriage does not undermine the right of individuals to freely choose association with religious organizations that seek to encourage traditional marriage values with which they agree. Neither does it obstruct the ability to practice the values of religious marriage, either individually or with like-minded persons.”

He also said that there is sufficient physiological research and historical records to show that homosexuality is a normal expression of biology.

Anderson cited the Code of Hammurabi, Council of Trent, and the Emperors Theodosius and Justinian to back up his claims about civil and religious marriage.