Third alternative proposed to fix budget hole – could it break impasse?

By | March 22, 2012 | Comments

Republicans and Democrats have been locked at an impasse in budget negotiations over two main sticking points: Republicans want to skip a pension payment, while Democrats would prefer to push back payments to school districts into the next budget cycle.

Jordan Schrader of The News Tribune has a story today about a proposed third alternative that could potentially break the logjam. The idea would keep $238 million in sales tax revenue collected from local governments in the state’s general fund longer, giving the state a boost in its cash flow every month. Read more about it here.

Although Gov. Chris Gregoire has said she put a third alternative on the table, she’s previously declined to say what it is. Earlier this week, Gregoire said the two ideas put forth by Republicans and Democrats had become so “toxic” that they needed a fresh proposal.



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