Gov. Gregoire discusses sales tax hike, gay marriage and medical marijuana

By | January 9, 2012 | Comments

We just wrapped up an interview with Gov. Chris Gregoire as part of our special opening day edition of “The Impact.” You can catch the rebroadcast at 7 p.m. tonight, and we’ll post web clips as they become available.

Gregoire spoke about her proposal for a half-cent state sales tax hike, gay marriage, education reform and medical marijuana.

The Washington Supreme Court’s recent decision on the McCleary case — which said that the state isn’t doing its duty to fully fund education — emphasizes the need for a sales tax increase, Gregoire said.

“The court put an exclamation point behind my recommendation,” Gregoire said during the interview.

Gregoire said she hopes to get a gay marriage bill out this week, and possibly as soon as today. The bill would make gay marriage legal in Washington state.

Current domestic partnerships would transition to marriages within two years, she said, unless those partnerships are dissolved. Heterosexual or homosexual couples over the age of 62 who are in a domestic partnerships for financial reasons will be able to continue that relationship if they choose, she added.

She also spoke about her continuing efforts to get the federal government to reclassify medical marijuana as a Class II drug, which would give it accepted medical uses.