Capital budget testimony is on now

By | February 1, 2011 | Comments

The House Capital Budget Committee is holding a public hearing on the 2011-2013 capital budget proposed by Gov. Chris Gregoire.

So far, one school testified that they’re putting a 20-year bond on the ballot this month and they think they have a good chance of getting it through. Under their plan, the local voters would pay $40 million and the state would kick in an additional $20. The problem? The budget may not have room for them, since the state’s bonding capacity is down. The superintendent said that without state matching money, his district wouldn’t have enough cash to build the school — and if they wait to build up reserves, they won’t be able to afford it.

Sean Eagan with the Port of Tacoma says they’re thankful the Governor’s proposal keeps some money in the toxics account, but he said more projects need to be funded. One waterfront site is so toxic, you have to wear a Haz-mat suit to visit it. He said the site can’t be cleaned up if there’s no money in the toxics account.



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