Republican Reps.: Stop DOE from implementing climate change restrictions

By | June 30, 2010 | Comments

Reps. Shelly Short, Dan Kristiansen, Joel Kretz and David Taylor — Republican members of the House Ecology and Parks Committee — sent a letter to the State Department of Ecology asking it to stop drafting rules regarding greenhouse gas emissions.

The group is “concerned that over-reaching climate change rules could have a devastating effect on Washington’s stagnant economic recovery,” according to their statement. They said in the letter that Washington produces such a small fraction — 3/10ths of a percent — of greenhouse gas emissions, that it’s “statistically improbable” that implementing new rules here would have an effect.

“When government regulations begin to harm our economic recovery; and when they destroy jobs and make it harder for people to find work, we absolutely need to stop what we’re doing, take a step back and re-evaluate.  That’s what we’re asking DOE to do,” Kristiansen said in a statement.

And Kretz said he doubted that DOE has the authority to implement the rules. The group also noted that climate change efforts had failed in the Legislature, and that it may be best left to the federal government to set climate policy.



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